Dr. Kalane Wong


Dr. Kalane Wong

I graduated from Harvard College and from University of California-Davis Medical School. My ophthalmic residency was at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. I am board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

Professional Interest

In addition to focusing on comprehensive ophthalmic care and laser surgery, I enjoy working on facial aesthetics with Botox and Juvederm treatments. Many patients value having a surgeon to make decisions and perform cosmetic procedures.

My first job was standing on a milk crate while washing dishes at my parents’ Chinese restaurant in Milwaukee.

The demands of the restaurant business must have impressed my first-generation siblings and me as we all ended up in graduate school! While an undergraduate at Harvard University, over half of my courses were outside of my biology major. I loved learning about Asian history and art, and Shakespeare and child psychology, as well as meeting classmates from different backgrounds.

Before my fourth year at UC-Davis Medical School, I took a year off and worked as the medical education coordinator in over 20 developing countries with Project Orbis. That year was pivotal in my decision to become an ophthalmologist. I met so many eye doctors who felt fulfilled with their work and I saw so much good being done in the clinics and operating rooms. Following my ophthalmology residency at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, I received a grant and traveled to India to perform cataract surgery and to work in the clinics at Aravind Eye Hospital with the Seva Foundation.

It’s hard to believe that I have been in practice as a general ophthalmologist in Santa Rosa for over 20 years! I truly appreciate the wonderful opportunity to get to know my patients and their families over time. On a given day at the office, I might measure a 3-year old child’s eye alignment , drain a lid lesion in a middle-aged woman, and evaluate a man in his 80’s for cataract surgery. I find it especially touching when I see elderly couples having their eye exams together (I encourage them to make it a date and go out to eat afterwards!), or a devoted son or daughter bringing in their parent.

Although the science of medicine and the puzzle of a diagnosis offer never-ending stimulus and challenge, I enjoy how my work allows me the chance to improve the quality of a patient’s life. I encourage my patients to ask questions, to consider preventive approaches, and to be involved in their overall health care. Brushing up on my Spanish has improved my communication skills. I remind myself daily that everyone has the need to be heard, understood, and treated with respect.

Behind every ophthalmologist is an amazing support staff. I am proud of our excellent team at ECI. It is only with their help that I can work with a smile, at least most of the time! They are here to assist you as well.

Personal Interests

Following my ophthalmology residency, I was scheduled to travel to Guatemala to perform volunteer eye surgery. The trip was cancelled due to political unrest and I traveled instead to Oaxaca, Mexico. There I met my future husband who was creating his first children’s book with a local artist. He has written many other children’s books since.

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