Dr. Kristin Chapman

Dr. Kristin Chapman


I earned my BS from Pepperdine University and my MD from New York University School of Medicine. I completed my residency at Cornell University and was awarded a fellowship in glaucoma at the Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Professional Focus

My focus includes cataract surgery and glaucoma management including laser and surgery. I enjoy cataract surgery and being able to help patients improve their quality of life. I chose to also become a specialist in glaucoma because I believe it is a disease that can be controlled with careful management, and I believe we can help people with glaucoma keep meaningful vision and prevent vision loss with current treatments. The management of glaucoma requires a true partnership between patients and the medical team, and I enjoy the challenges of fitting the best treatment with a patient’s individual needs and goals.

Personal Interests

I was in India volunteering when I observed my first cataract surgery, and I witnessed how an outpatient procedure could restore more than just sight. With the return of vision, fathers and mothers were able to return to work, grandparents could contribute to the family and children could just be kids again. It was that experience that lead me to become an ophthalmologist.Since that time, I have returned to India and have traveled to Mongolia and Micronesia to provide eye care abroad to underserved areas. I hope to continue to work hard to provide the best care to my patients at home as well as our “neighbors” abroad to help eliminate preventable blindness and to maximize each person’s visual potential.


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